First Entry-My Journey Begins in Corsetry.

Why corsetry you may ask? My physical history is Sartorial in the least, Shakespearean at it’s best. I’m a weight loss surgery patient.  My history is filled with depression, anxiety and over 20 surgeries. (Not all were due at all to the weight loss surgery.)  However, after all the surgeries, and especially losing over 180 lbs, my skin is not as elastic as it use to be. And of course, gravity takes over at some point, especially if you have nursed three children, who are spaced very closely in age.  Due to my pregnancies (which, btw after I had a cyst rupture on my ovary at the age of 13, I wasn’t suppose to be able to have kids!), everything is just…SQUISHY!  So, my lovely daughter walked me into Victoria’s Secret one day, while visiting her at Ft. Riley, where her husband is stationed, and said, “Mom!  You have got to try on this bra, it’s amazing!” So, after dragging me into the store, I tried on the bra.  Um..”False Advertisement” is what I called it, and she said, “It just puts what you already have back where it’s suppose to be”.  So she bought me one.  I’ll admit that I’m rather boring when it comes to undergarments.  I don’t care if they’re lacy or matchy matchy.  (I wonder if my husband does? Note to self, ask the guy.)  BUT, I wore it a couple times and it was nice to have things where they belonged. (Like she said, Kudos to Brittany!)

So, I’m becoming a Victoria’s Secret *only* kinda person.  I like the way they make me feel.  But what about the corsets you ask?  Well, as a wonderful part of genetics, I received my birth-mother’s Scoliosis.  I’ve been in a couple of car accidents.  Then I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and just last month degenerative joint disease. So, I currently am the proud (?) Owner of a nice weather predicting titanium cage in my lower back because my disc was completely gone and the fusion on the other disc didn’t take.  The pain in the winter is agonizing.  I can literally tell by the way my titanium feels when rain or snow will fall within a half hours time.  It’s freaky.

I remembered in my youth, when I was newly married, I had tried on what is now called “fashion” or “costume” corsets.  But they held everything up and in. So, I went perusing around the internet that they didn’t have back in the day. I found so many “hits”.  I managed to find Lucy, from Lucy Corsetry.  This young lady is very educated and informative.  I’ve watched all her YouTube videos and read many blogs.  Then I found a place online that had decent pricing.  I bought a corset, because 1) they were all over Facebook 2) they have coordinating outfits for their corsets.  I had my husband measure me.  (Now don’t laugh, but the man knows how to sew much better than myself, who doesn’t know her way around a pattern at all..) He used a contractors metal tape to measure me, guess-timating what the actual numbers were.  The overbust corset I received, was indeed beautiful, but my bust had no support and simply fell down into the corset itself.  Then I remembered, I gave the cup size they asked for, but with VS’s bra on.  If you measured me without it… Well, if I had a belly button…..I digress.  So, this woefully larger bust simply wasn’t working for me….So my daughter reaped it’s benefits. But I was not going to be discouraged.  I went back to the internet…

I found a place who said they used organic cotton, and it was made in the USA.  I had my daughter measure me this time and they said I needed a custom job.  So, I spent the money on two corsets, one overbust and one underbust.  The overbust had no support at all.  The underbust, seems rather SHORT!  They took the long line I asked for and basically made it a “waspie”. (The overbust, my daughter, again, reaped the benefits from.) Though, I am receiving *some* benefits when I wear it, it’s uncomfortable because it’s so short.  So, Thank Heaven for Lucy at Lucy Corsetry.  She has a place on her website to find a corsetiere.  One person makes “medical corsets”.  So I emailed her.  Then I found someone right down the road from me.  The state I live in (KY) had a “crafters” fair type thing and she was getting ready to go there. So, we met up.  She measured me up all proper (and my daughter), and we’re going in for our first fittings at the end of this month, March 2015.  And thus, My journey begins.  I’ll take pictures and share what the process is, as we go along. Until then….


Corsets, Off The Rack and Custom Made